Athletic Clinics

The Taro Roots Foundation Football Clinic is a new and innovative concept that combines the best education of academia and athletics. The purpose of the the academic/athletic clinic is to promote the opportunity of higher education for Pacific Islanders and non-Pacific Islanders through the world of academia and athletics. The Taro Roots Foundation Football Clinic also gives the opportunity for staff, volunteers and other business partnerships involved to be mentors and leaders for our young Pacific Islander and non-Pacific Islander people. The potential and value of the academic/athletic clinics will benefit not only the young student-athletes but also all who take part in this special project. For the executive and advisory committee members, athletics has been instrumental in our developmental/growth process. We all came from rough upbringings and learned/benefited from the world of athletics. We can teach youths how to harness the life lessons in athletics and use that same energy towards academic and career pursuits. For we are in the business of giving back (replanting) what others have given us (the taro stems). Yes, that is at the heart of the Taro Roots Foundation.


The Taro Roots Foundation Football Clinics will be held at Starfire Sports located in Renton, Washington. The academic workshops will be held in the classrooms. All athletic activities will take place on the fields available at Starfire.