The Taro Roots Foundation academic and athletic clinic explores/provides a venue to promote and encourage Pacific Islander and non-Pacific Islander youngsters toward higher education. The idea for this academic/athletic seminar began when I attended a Pacific Islander “football camp” in the Seattle area in 2006.As I observed the “football camp”, I was disappointed: if the camp had been more organized and focused, it could have been a powerful vehicle to make a significant difference in the lives of both the youngsters and volunteers. The need for effective academic and athletic programs for young people was evident. In 2006, I had an ache in my heart to run an academic/athletic clinic with the purpose for benefiting both student-athletes and volunteers involved in the project. Objectives of the clinic will be to offer participants life skill tools, to awaken and broaden the scope of their academic horizons, and to enhance athletic opportunities for young Pacific Islander and non-Pacific Islander student-athletes.

On July 6 and 7 of 2007, the Taro Roots Foundation successfully put together an athletic seminar for football by working with sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. The participants were from all colors of the rainbow, and so were the volunteers. It was a great beginning for Taro Roots Foundation and for those who took part in the first academic/athletic clinic. In June 9, 2008, Taro Roots Foundation partnered with other non-profit organizations to organize a similar event around athletics and mentorship for young Pacific Islanders and non-Pacific Islander youth in the Tukwila, South Seattle area.

In the past, Taro Roots Foundation named the academic/athletic clinics “The Pacific Islander Emerald City Football Camp”. In 2009, these clinics took on a new and innovative name: “Taro Roots Foundation Football Clinics”. The focus is on academia through the lessons learned from athletics and combines education, academics, and life skills.

Taro Roots Foundation is about not only making a positive impact in the lives of young Pacific Islanders, we are in the business of making a positive change for all young people from different ethnicities we are blessed to come in contact with. Taro Roots Foundation is about learning from others (the stem of the taro plant) and passing that knowledge down to help others (the taro root) grow.

Mission Statement

The Taro Roots Foundation cultivates leadership through sports and education.

We strive to facilitate and provide resources to enable youth to reach their full potential as students, athletes, and ambassadors within communities at large.

5 Practices to Develop Productivity through Taro Roots Foundation

  1. Educational Programs
  2. Athletic Clinics
  3. Health & Nutrition
  4. Mentoring
  5. Cultural Enrichment

Contact information


Taro Roots Foundation
14612 22nd Ave SW
Burien, WA 98166


Ink Aleaga: (206) 459-1203

Eddie Aleaga: (206) 818-5808


General inquiries: tarorootsfoundation@gmail.com


Ink Aleaga

Senior Academic Counselor, University of Washington, Intercollegiate Athletics – TRF Executive Director

Eddie Aleaga

Sales/Promotion, E.B. Bradley Co. – TRF Associate Director

Liberty Bracken

Academic Counselor, University of Washington, Intercollegiate Athletics – TRF Director of Operations

Advisory Board

Rylen Akana

QB Coach, Interlake HS; Founder & Head Coach, QBFG Academy & T.O.P. Sports Training

Lily Ly

Natural Sciences Advancement Coordinator, University of Washington

Vicky Yan

Manager of Funding and Student Affairs Program, School of Public Health, University of Washington